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this area experiences peak pressures that can be several times higher than the peak pressure of the original shock front. An Introductory Characterization of a Combat-Casualty-Care Relevant Swine Model of Closed Head Injury Resulting from Exposure to Explosive Blast. Read online a b Taylor, Sir Geoffrey Ingram (1950). Citation needed While nuclear explosions are among rabatt bei spiele max the clearest examples of the destructive power of blast waves, blast waves generated by exploding conventional bombs and other weapons made from high explosives have been used as weapons of war due to their effectiveness at creating polytraumatic. Dtra Weapons Effects Testing: A Thirty Year Perspective. Lockwood-Taylor,., "An exact solution of the spherical blast wave problem Philosophical Magazine, Vol. 11 It occurs when a high explosive detonates in a free field, that is, with no surfaces nearby with which it can interact. In this way the interaction of blast waves is similar to that of sound waves or water waves. Several sources of HE include trinitrotoluene, C-4, Semtex, nitroglycerin, and ammonium nitrate fuel oil (.

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This impact with the structure imparts momentum to exterior components of the building. Lets get out of this city.#7. Lockwood-Taylor 7 who had discovered it independently. High explosives that detonate generate blast waves. The original explosion will send out fragments that travel very fast. "The Formation of a Blast Wave by a Very Intense Explosion.