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with a product of equal or similar features and functionality, though not necessarily the same brand. If we cancel this service contract, we must provide you with a written notice at least 15 days prior to cancellation at your last known address, with the effective date for the cancellation and the reason for cancellation. The most we will pay on any single repair to your covered product or its replacement is the price you paid for the original product, excluding taxes. If we replace the covered product in its entirety, our maximum liability has been met under this contract and there will no longer be coverage under the terms of this contract. If the covered product is not repairable and a replacement product is not available, we will refund up to the product purchase price, excluding taxes, and this contract will be fulfilled and all obligations satisfied. The sales receipt may be required at the time of service. The Administrator owns all parts removed from repaired products or complete units replaced in their entirety. This Plan is not a warranty or insurance policy; it is a Service Contract. Something for every palate. If your covered product experiences a failure or damage that is excluded from coverage under this Section or in the event of a repair incident wherein there is a "no problem found" diagnosis from the manufacturer or a manufacturer-authorized repair source, then you are responsible.

wine enthusiast coupon

Wine Enthusiast 32 Bottle Dual Zone Touchscreen, wine, refrigerator is thermoelectric energy-effi.
Wine Enthusiast and EuroCave are proud to introduce the First Ever True.
Wine, cellar with Beverage Center.

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Replacement products may be new or rebuilt products. All repairs must be approved before they are performed. Service Contract Administrator/Obligor: Wine Enthusiast Companies 200 Summit Lake Drive 4th Floor, valhalla, NY 10595, telephone: 800.648.6058, product eligibility. Preventative maintenance checks, cleaning, product diagnosis, customer education, accessory repairs/replacements, computer software related problems, and any unauthorized repairs done outside of the USA are not considered repairs for the purposes of this Replacement Guarantee. Once a welche hinweise auf gutscheine covered product is replaced, then this contract is considered fulfilled and coverage ends. In order to be eligible for a Plan, the manufacturer's original or factory-refurbished warranty must provide at least 90 days parts and labor coverage.

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