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snabbare gr det att klippa gräsmattan. Med en robotgräsklippare fr du utmärkt resultat, diskret och tyst. The Motor And Blades, the 315 is powered by a very efficient and powerful electric motor and a rechargeable lithium battery. It can also carry out spot mowing on limited areas of long grass, and navigate its way through narrow passages. I assume you can see why I rate this models so highly. And when the 315 does come into contact with any object, its sensors will automatically switch of its rotating disk. The 315 Automower is equipped with three pivoting blades, designed to cut grass efficiently and return the clippings to the soil as mulch.

Within this review Ill be explaining everything you need to know about the. All petrol machinery is checked before dispatch by our team of trained mechanics.

Meet, automower 315, a robotic mower that will give you the perfect lawn and more free time. If you own a small or medium-sized yard up.37 acres, Automower 315 is an excellent entry-level unit. Now lets have a look at the.

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When you are ready to check out, just click the ADD TO cart button. GPS kan även vara en mycket bra säkerhetsfunktion att ha, speciellt om du har en större tomt där den lätt kan försvinna. There is no doubt that the initial outlay is large but we think it is well worth. Perfekt om du tex använder gräsklippare p fler än en plats. See our Privacy Policy). Installera din robotgräsklippare, när du har köpt din robotgräsklippare är det dags att installera den. You will then see your new total. It will then cover the chosen area in tight spirals and once finished resume automatic mode. Rain Sensor, as well as being weather proof the 315 is able to sense when it is raining and stop cutting the lawn until it stops or not start the cut in rainy conditions. This is particularly useful for areas under garden furniture, once the furniture is removed of course. Punktklippning - Specialläge för att klippa begränsade ytor med längre gräs. It also shows notifies you of any problems caused to the mower at any point and shows you a map of the garden.